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About Us

Demarchelier & Co. is your trusted purveyor of fine home furnishings and decor. Our journey began with our founder’s unbridled passion for interior design and all things classy, trendy, and stylish — the “finer things.” We understand the indescribable beauty surrounding decorative artistry that is created through timeless craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Your chosen decor should optimize a space, creating a paradise of style and comfort for occupants and visitors alike. Run-of-the-mill designs lack the je ne sais quoi to realize that desired “wow” factor. Your choice of decor should reflect your unique personality and creative flair. What you deserve is something less mundane, snazzier, and indisputably YOU. 

At Demarchelier & Co., you will discover a selection of meticulously curated products, inspiring interior designs that fit your taste for style. A quick browse will open doors to limitless possibilities, inspiring your next design project, whether big or small. 

We connect our clients with the decor and fixtures of their dreams. Whether you are searching for an ottoman centerpiece or a comfy settee to pair with your latest drapes, you’ve come to the right place for life’s casual luxuries.  

An Exciting Inventory 

We regularly restock our inventories with premier style pieces influenced by the latest interior style trends. Check back often to discover fresh ideas and new concepts that will spruce up your spaces. Our exclusive collection instantly adds an eclectic touch of character and sophistication to your home.

Quality and Elegance 

We offer the finest decorative pieces made to last, with elegant elements that achieve visual perfection. Our in-house design team sources the most versatile designs that will fit interior layouts across ever-changing trends. You will always leave a winning impression with these handpicked gems.

Get Inspired 

Enjoy a seamless shopping process with our recommended product feature. Our intuitive site will help you create the desired theme with all the right pieces — straight from the very first item that catches your attention. 

With Demarchelier & Co., you can effortlessly set the mood according to your preferred layouts and arrangements. Through artistic indulgence or modest simplicity, we empower clients to embrace their inner creativity. 

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