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The Power in Decorating with Throw Pillows You Should Know

Posted by Demarchelier & Co. on Mar 11th 2022

The Power in Decorating with Throw Pillows You Should Know

A convenient way to update any home area is to add an accent pillow. Incredibly versatile and stylish, accent pillows can give living rooms, bedrooms, patios, and porches an instant makeover. Even one new pillow can make a room feel renewed, highlighting its various design features and helping you celebrate the seasons. Accent pillows can do anything when decorating a room!

Anchor Your Decor

Pillows are a decorative way to make any room or setting more inviting. While they tend to be most popular in the family room or bedrooms, they also look great in other areas such as the patio, deck, or porch.

You don’t even have to stay inside for pillows to serve their purpose. Indoor/outdoor weatherproof cushions allow you to spruce up the front porch, deck, or back patio with ease. These durable styles are great for homes with pets and kids, allowing you to easily clean up after them without worrying about ruining your pillows.

Play with Prints and Patterns

Once you’ve decided on a motif, it’s time to choose the colors. Using one design in multiple colors adds visual interest without overwhelming the overall design.

  • For instance, mix a floral pattern in blue and orange with a geometric pattern in red and yellow, and add a solid orange pillow for balance.
  • You could also combine a chevron pattern in orange, a polka dot pattern in yellow, and a solid yellow pillow.

  • There are countless patterns to choose from, including ikat, stripes, plaids, paisleys, medallions, leaves, flowers, animals, and more!
  • Consider selecting a lead pattern first; it’s the pattern that has all the colors you want to incorporate into your look.

Then add secondary patterns with one or two colors from your color scheme. Three print or pattern types are usually enough to add visual interest while keeping your room from looking too busy.

Toy around with Textures and Shapes

Vibrant color choices, playful prints and patterns, and unique textures are essential for any room. Mixing up the surfaces in your décor can give it a new life, whether you choose smooth/rough, soft/fuzzy, or velvet/linen.

Play with different shapes and sizes of pillows or bolsters, or use oversized pillows in small spaces or cut out shapes to break from the mold. Once you’ve nailed your color and pattern theme for the room, you can get creative with different textures to create something unique for your own home.

Unlock Color Blocking

Adding some colorful pillows to your home can instantly update it. They have a magical way of changing the mood, so:

  • Choose vibrant shades like bright pinks, blues, yellows, or greens for spring or summer.
  • Go with mellow desert tones of orange, brown, forest green, deep red, or copper for fall and winter. Or go with classic reds, greens, silver, and gold for the holiday season.
  • Pull from other elements in a room. For example, choose colorful pillows that tie in with the artwork, furniture, curtains, rugs, bedding, or accent pieces and highlight them using a patterned pillow.
  • Choose pillows that tie in with seasonal trends ( or pick classic color combinations like neutral earth tones of beige/cream/white or primary colors of red/green/blue.
  • Established color pairs include black on white, pink on the green, white on yellow, green on yellow, blue on white (or black), green or blue on its own.
  • Or mix and match with some unique colors.

Unlock the Power of Throw Pillows Now

Now that you understand the basics of updating and refreshing a space with pillows, feel free to experiment with different styles and patterns. Interior design always involves trying new things, so don’t be afraid to experiment and discover your favorite looks.

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