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DIY Renovations: How You Can Cleverly Use the Ottoman

Posted by Demarchelier & Co. on Mar 22nd 2022

DIY Renovations: How You Can Cleverly Use the Ottoman

In 2020, we witnessed a surge in home improvement. Many experts took notice of this. NPR even reported this phenomenon.

DIY home improvement means that you can control your budget. You can even repurpose your existing home furniture.

Here, we talk about ways you can use an ottoman to decorate your living room.

As a Footstool

The first thing you can do with your living room ottoman is to use it as a footstool. It will be great for those who want to sit on the floor and watch TV. Place the ottoman in front of the couch, and then you can rest your legs on the ottoman and watch as you relax.

Your ottoman can also be a handy footstool when you do activities that require your legs to be on the floor, such as doing yoga or stretching. It will keep your legs in the proper position while you exercise.

As a Cocktail Table

The ottoman is a versatile piece of home furniture. Use it as a cocktail table while enjoying your favorite drink in front of the TV. You can also use this as your dining table when you have guests over by turning it into your serving table when having a party.

If you want to have an effective conversation, you can use an ottoman as a coffee table. It can help create a more intimate setting when you talk with your friends and family.

Other than these suggestions, most people just use the ottoman to make their home a more comfortable place. You can use it to complement the decor of your living room and add the perfect touch to your space.

As a Decorative Element

The ottoman is an ideal piece of home furniture that can help you achieve different goals in a space. It is not only an ottoman, but you can use it as a seat, footstool, footrest, tray table, and many more.

It will make your living room look more beautiful and elegant. There are a lot of designs that the ottoman can offer, and they can complement the look of your couch. You can have an ottoman with a contrasting color and design.

The ottoman can also be an excellent addition to your home by completing your living room. You can place an ottoman in a room that is missing a piece of furniture. It can also be a good stand-in if you want to sell your old sofa to make some space in your living room.


Besides thinking about your couch, throw pillows, and wall art to fill your living room, the ottoman is an ideal home furniture that you can have to improve your space. It is versatile, and it will make your living room look better and more relaxing. It has a lot of uses, and will make your life easier and more exciting.

If you are shopping for an ottoman or any other home furniture for your DIY renovation project, you should visit Demarchelier. We offer pieces that are functional and visually pleasing, so browse our website now!

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